2 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web

Difficulty: Easy


  • PC or Smartphone (Faster is better)
  • Internet connection


  • Method 1 pays directly to your BTC address.
  • Method 2 pays to PayPal or BTC address.

In short:

You will earn money (BTC) while using your computer/smartphone. This method consists of two parts. I recommend using both to maximize earnings. In method 1 you will start earning money with CryptoTab browser (mining) and in method 2 you will be paid to surf websites.

Method 1:

  1. Register at: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/14685722 and download PC or Smartphone client.
  2. Set new browser as your default and earn money everytime you surf the web.
  3. Set limit of resources so that you maximize profits but still can surf normally.

Method 2:

  1. Register at https://www.websurf.cz/?ref=142279 (Not in english yet, but you can use Google translate).
  2. In the left menu click “Surfování” (or download Android app).
  3. Click autosurf and start earning.
  4. You can leave it running in the background and use your PC as usual.

Combine method 1 and 2 to maximize earnings.

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