Use your unused network to earn money (Android, PC, MAC) – 100% Autopilot

Difficulty: Easy

– PC or MAC or Android smartphone
– Internet connection
– Registered account on:

In short: You just start their app and then you get paid for every KB of data you bring in. Buy running their SW you gain credits which can be converted to cash ( 10 credits are equal to 0.01USD (1 cent USD) – 1 credit is 10MB of traffic).

How to start:

  1. Register here:
  2. Go here and login, then download an app for your OS.
  3. Install downloaded app (You can use up to 3 devices on same IP to boost your earnings).
  4. Start the app.
  5. How to tell if everything is working?:
    If you’re using Android, you will see a small, green notification in the notification bar. On Windows, just hover over the little bee icon in your notification tray.
  6. If you have enough coins gathered, you can withdraw money to your PayPal account.

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