[not working right now]Up to 50$ a month without any work – 100% Autopilot

Difficulty: Easy – Medium

-Windows/Linux computer or laptop
-Internet connection (The faster the better – an upload must be larger than 1Mbps) Use www.speedtest.net to check your internet speeds.

In short: So basically you earn money while you don’t use your computer (this is not crypto/BTC mining). You turn your idle PC or notebook into useful cloud servers and thats what you get paid for. Paymest via PayPal

Quote from site:“We guarantee a payment between $5-$50 per month.
We pay $10 per 100Mbps, so if you have a 200Mbps speed, we pay you $20 per month.”

How to start:

  1. Register here – make sure you register using the same email you use at PayPal.
  2. Download Windows or Linux client (Link to file download).
  3. Install downloaded software. Here comes the tricky part where you might or might not need to configure your connection, but don’t wory its not hard. Just follow instruction in the installer.
  4. That is it. Now you can use your device as always – program will work when you are idle. You can earn even more if you have multiple devices with different IPs.

FAQ: Answers to FAQ

Dashboard screen:

Proof of payment:

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